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Rates & Insurance

Please read this page carefully and ask any questions you may have related to
the "business" side of counseling services. Most services that I provide are
covered by health insurance. It is your responsibility to understand the kind of
coverage your insurance plan provides and how much coverage your plan

Here are common questions to be asked of your insurance company to help you
understand your benefits:

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company Concerning Mental Health Benefits

1. Does my health plan provide behavioral or mental health coverage?

2. Does my health plan require a referral from my Primary Care Physician?

3. Does my health plan require pre-authorization for services provided?

4. Does my health plan authorize me to see only certain professionals? i.e.
          Psychiatrist, Psychologist,
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, 
          Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and
Therapist, etc.?

5. Does my health plan limit the number of sessions of therapy I am allowed per year?

6. Is my health plan designed on a fiscal year or calendar year?

7. What is the effective date of my insurance coverage?

8. Does my health plan have a dollar amount it will cover per year? $500, $250?
          No limit?

9. What is the amount of my deductible and co-pay after insurance adjustment is

10. If I am authorized to see one therapist and that does not work out, do I need to get
authorization to see a different therapist?

As a courtesy, I will bill your insurance company, and require you to pay your
DEDUCTIBLES AND CO-PAY with each session. Unless you inquire, I will assume
you will either pay by cash, check or credit card after each session. I accept
all major credit cards with a 4% credit card fee to cover processing.  If you have no insurance and the affordability of my
services is a question, please inquire about the availability of a limited number
of sliding scale plans.




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